8 Mile Smoke Products and Why They're the Best in the Industry

In recent years, smoke and vape shops began to pop up everywhere as consumers started to choose to purchase tobacco free products. Today, the vaping and smoke shop industry is exploding at a pace unlike any other. The industry has not only seen such a rise in success but has become a movement the way it has grown over the last few years. 

While the smoke shop industry is growing tremendously, there could be some roadblocks when it comes to being successful in this type of business. One of which may be, is having the right products for your customers. 

There are a few essential qualities that go into making your customers happy, and one of which we can think of right away is always having good products...and then sticking to what the market wants more of. 8 Mile Smoke, a wholesaler that supplies over 3,500 products to smoke shops nationwide, does just that. In such a competitive industry, product quality is more important than eve. With over 30 years of experience in this niche, 8 Mile Smoke’s products are the best in the industry and here’s why. 

3 Important Aspects to Having the Best Products in the Industry

For starters, there are a few important aspects that go into having the best products in the industry. 

Listen to What Your Customers Want

When it comes to products and making your customers happy, the most important thing is to listen to what they want. This industry is ever evolving, which means your products need to stay up with the trends, but also you need to keep the ones that still have a high fan base. This all plays into recognizing what your customers are looking for. If you have extremely high sales on one product, why would you get rid of it? You should continue to have it in your inventory, and if anything, only try to make it better. Which leads us to our next point. 

Be Open to Change

Any successful business needs to be open to change and transitions. As we said before, the smoke and vape industry is ever evolving and growing at a rapid pace so as a smoke product wholesaler you should say yes to expansion and new opportunities, but also keep what’s currently working for you in mind. 

Build Trust With Your Customers

Another way 8 Mile Smoke has built their products to be the best in the industry is by building trust with their large network of customers. Many businesses don’t succeed if they can't build customer trust. Without it, there’s a good chance that countless potential sales are lost when brands fail to make deeper connections with their customers. However, when you do gain the confidence and loyalty of consumers, you have more freedom to make decisions such as raising prices or enhancing your products. 

8 Mile Smoke Products

8 Mile Smoke has many different products in their catalog for their customers to choose from when purchasing in bulk. Each of these is located in their online catalog making it easy for customers to pick and choose what they want to order. Their products include:

8 Mile Smoke also sells their products from some of the best and most well known brands in the industry such as Blazer, Boveda, Clipper, High Hemp, OCB, RAW and their very own STR8 brand which was created because of such a successful customer base. Buyers are able to sort through products or brands when looking through the 8 Mile Smoke catalog, making it an easy and seamless online ordering process.

All things aside, 8 Mile Smoke has bolstered the market with their unique and large product line. Even more so, they continue to cater to their customers with this successful product line. Consumers are constantly wanting more, which is making 8 Mile Smoke products the best in the industry. 

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