About Us

Who We are

8 Mile Smoke supplies over 2,500 items including rolling papers & trays, torches, grinders, vape products, glass pipes, and storage solutions. Our company offers customers a user-friendly experience with an industry leading platform to submit orders online and in our showroom. Items that ship from 8 Mile Smoke are tagged with our item ID’s to ensure that checking in your order is as quick and efficient as possible. This proves especially important in an industry where a great deal of items cannot be identified easily (such as glass) and do not have any retail style packaging. These strengths along with many others, have allowed 8 Mile Smoke to develop a large network of customers across the United States, and gave us the opportunity to create our own brand of products under the name STR8.

Rewards Program

With any qualifying order, we give you the opportunity to receive FREE gifts from popular brands such as Apple, Samsung, Xbox, Sonos, Bose, Keurig and much more!

Speedy Fulfillment

All orders are filled on the same or next business day after it is received. We double check all orders before shipping to ensure you get exactly what was ordered.

Online Ordering

Registered customers can place orders through our user friendly website that includes a full picture catalog with pricing. We receive your order as soon as it is placed!